Status: *** Sold ***
Machine type: Vertical Lathe
Ref.: 596
Condition: Ready to use
Machine Description:
Used TITAN Rotary Lathe SC 22
2 stand complete with 2 over support
Which one has turret and side support
The machine has been renovated with new electrical system
Motor drivers - hydraulic system
Digital Readout
Machine is particularly fine in all guideways and faultless in all functions.
Well-maintained machine.
Technical Data:
Max turning diameter 2200 mm
Max turning height 1500 mm
Face plate diameter 2000 mm
Max load on level 6000 mm
Length 4200 mm
Width 4300 mm
Height 4600 mm
Weight 31,000 kg
Ref. 596
Machine type Vertical Lathe
Model TITAN SC22
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