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Status: For sale
Machine type: Bed Milling Machine
Ref.: 918
Machinery Short Description:

Used Butler Elgamill Bed Milling Machine with a mobile bed

Complete with CNC control Heidenhain TNC 155

Direct measuring system on the X - Y - Z axes

Universal Head adjustment in all angles

Automatic tool voltage

Cooling water systems

Telescopic cover on the X-axis


Status: For sale
Machine type: Bore Mill
Ref.: 911
Machinery Short Description:

Used SIP 6R bore milling machine

Technical Data:

Field of hydraulic table-shift 950 mm
Range of table movement by hand 85 mm
Range of measurable table displacement (X) 1000 mm
Range of measurable drill head adjustment (Y) 700 mm
Range of measurable Spindle sleeves adjustment (Z) 300 mm
Range of vertical movement of the movable crossbeam (W) 780 mm
Free distance between columns 1100 mm
Max distance under the movable cross beam approximately 955 mm
Free height under spindle max 1000 mm
Spindle (spindle sleeve retracted) min. 200 mm



Status: For sale
Machine type: Milling Machine
Ref.: 901
Machinery Short Description:

Used MAHO 800 P CNC Milling Machine
Complete with Heidenhain TNC 135 control
Clamping table 750 x 750 mm


Status: *** Sold ***
Machine type: Pillar Drills
Ref.: 890
Machinery Short Description:

Used BULMAK Boring machine PK 203 with feed rate
Motor 1.1 kva
Morse taper MK 3
Max. drilling capacity 25 mm steel
Max. drilling capacity cast iron 30 mm


Status: *** Sold ***
Machine type: Pillar Drills
Ref.: 889
Machinery Short Description:

Used SAHINLER drill press BS 42 with feed rate
Motor 3 kva
Max. drilling capacity 42 mm
Morse taper M K 4
Speeds 40-1750 ump / min
12 gears
Coolant system


Status: *** Sold ***
Machine type: Diverse
Ref.: 873
Machinery Short Description:

Hydraulic Horizontal Automatic Gearing Bandsaw
Complete with hydraulic bar feed
Direct setting of cutting angle of the handle and
Variable saw speed and infinitely variable feed rate
Minimal lubrication mounted

West German quality
Machine is like new - with 3 months guarantee


Status: *** Sold ***

Model: 22.500,-

Machine type: Pillar Drills
Ref.: 819
Machinery Short Description:

Used SERRMAC Column Drilling Machine
40 mm, spindle taper 3
Revolutions from 64 in 1740 ump/min
Feed rate from the 0.005 - 0.10 ump
12 gears - reversible
Tapping device
Motor 4 kWa
3 x 400 Volts 50 Hz




Status: For sale.

Model: 12.500,-

Machine type: Diverse
Ref.: 817
Machinery Short Description:

Used MEP Circular Saw with Stand and double vise
Blade diameter 275 mm
Max. sawing capacity square / round 90 mm


Status: For sale
Machine type: Gear Hobbing Machine
Ref.: 804
Machinery Short Description:

Used MODUL ZFWZ 630 Gear Hobber Machine

Working range:
Max. diameter of heavy duty work 630 mm
Max. diameter of work for hobbed 710 mm
Max. module10 mm
Max. axial feeding travel 400 mm
Max. tangential feeding travel (hob shift) 200 mm
Max. helix angle 45 degrees
Min. number of teeth hobbed 10
Min. number of teeth hobbed with indexing drive 5

SEDIN, 1A 512 MF3

Status: For sale
Machine type: Vertical Lathe
Ref.: 708
Machinery Short Description:
Used, well-maintained SEDIN 1A 512 MF3 CNC 
Complete retrofitted with new Sinumeric 840D CNC control 
New Siemens servomotors 
New electrical cabinet 
Heidenhain scales 
All electrical has been replaced with Siemens 
Machine is complete with hydrostatic guideways 
and positioning of the faceplate 
Closed working cabin 
Coolant system
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